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Our Story

Tradition with a twist
The new’dle with a 400-year-old tradition.

Back in the 1600s, Kanten noodles were developed in Kyoto when it was still the capital of Japan. Since then, Kanten noodles have gained a worldwide following. OhSo Tasty is delighted to bring you Kanten new’dles with a twist for modern palates.

how seaweed noodles are made | benefits of kanten noodles for health

Grown by the sea, and lovingly prepared for you.
Seaweed is gathered, rinsed, and boiled, then chilled into large bricks. These bricks are shaved into thin slices and dried for 2 weeks.

A healthy meal in 60 seconds.
Just add water and let the noodles plump up. Kanten new’dles are clear and take on the flavor of surrounding ingredients.

A superfood of the sea.
Packed with the fiber of sea vegetables, Kanten new’dles are keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and low carb! Each soup is 75 calories or less.

Our Mission

Bringing ancient superfoods to the everyday eater in a simple and affordable way.

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Born and raised on a Michigan dairy farm, Rhonda began marketing and selling organic and non-GMO grains grown on small family farms. Over time, Rhonda’s customer bases stretched around the world—and she found many great foods along the way. In the meantime, Rhonda’s daughter, Lauren, earned a degree in communications at Michigan State. Off the farm and at school, Lauren realized that most people her age knew very little about nutrition, settling instead for fast and easy options.

This mother/daughter duo was inspired to share the importance of healthy food, in a simple and affordable way. Rhonda and Lauren chose some of their favorite ancient superfoods from around the globe and mixed them with fresh veggies and modern flavors to suit the American cultural palette.

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