Everything you ever wanted to know about OhSo Tasty.

Female sitting on red bench holding OhSo Tasty Miso Delicious soup with green sneakers

OK, so what’s a New’dle?

They may be new to some, but kanten noodles have been enjoyed around the world for generations. Kanten is made from a sea vegetable (but you'd never guess by its taste), so it’s higher in fiber and lower in net carbs than most noodles. Better yet, kanten feeds the “good” bacteria in your gut, so it promotes wellness and fullness with a hefty dose of deliciousness.

Is OhSo Tasty healthy?

A healthy yes! All OhSo Tasty soups are under 75 calories. Our soups promote wellness and fullness with a dose of deliciousness. And vegan lovers, rejoice: all of our products are vegan, with the exception of our Kickin’ Katsu Curry flavor, which has a dash of fish flavoring.

So if OhSo Tasty is good for me, does it taste good?

Yes! Our kanten noodles plump up when they’re cooking. They have a mild taste, so they take on the flavor of the spices and sauces they’re served with. Yum.

I’m not much of a cook. Are you sure I can make OhSo Tasty new’dles?

Open the cup, pour in eight ounces of hot water, and wait a minute while the new’dles grow. Ta-da! You’re done.