How to Make Instant Noodle Soup Healthier

instant noodle soup that is healthy for you

Everyone loves the ease and comfort of instant noodles, and it shows in the numbers; about 103 billion servings of instant soup noodles are consumed across the globe every year. 

It's easy to see why. Instant noodles are delicious, inexpensive, and ready in minutes. The one downside? They aren't always the healthiest choice. You may be wondering how to make noodle soup healthier while still enjoying them. 

At OhSo Tasty, we take pride in offering instant noodle soup in 6 tasty flavors that are Keto-friendly, gluten-free, vegan, and low in carbs.

Each flavor is made with our favorite superfoods and veggies to make them as healthy as possible without sacrificing taste.

With flavors like Va Va Veggie, Sizzlin' Sesame, Miso Delicious, Kickin' Katsu, Flamin' Tomato, and Soy Satisfying, there's an instant noodle soup for everyone. 

Read on to find out how to make your favorite instant noodles healthier the next time you're in the mood for a warm cup of soup. 

Add Your Veggies

It's a no-brainer that adding vegetables to anything ups its health value. Some instant noodles come with veggies already, but adding fresh vegetables will add vitamins and flavor. 

Healthy instant noodles are not made with one vegetable alone! There are an infinite number of veggie combinations you can add to your soup to take it to the next level. 

Our Va Va Veggie soup already comes with red peppers, corn, carrots, and dried bok choy. Enjoy a healthier version of this flavor by adding your own real red peppers, fresh carrots, or other veggies like broccoli or cauliflower. 

Don't forget to reach for some leafy greens! Greens, like kale and spinach, are rich in vitamins K and C and also contain other micronutrients like calcium. 

Swiss chard is another leafy green that contains many vitamins and minerals and is low in calories. It's packed with protein, fiber, manganese, magnesium, and vitamins C, K, and A.  

Leafy greens are also a great choice because their flavor mixes well with most broths. 

Peas are also a wonderful source of nutrients. They are starchy vegetables, so they do contain carbs, but they also contain fiber, protein, and vitamins A, K, and C among others. 

Reach For the Protein

Another simple way to make healthier noodle soup is to include your favorite kinds of protein. Whether you're a carnivore or a vegan, or anything in between, there are endless protein options these days. 

For those who love meat, chicken and salmon are great sources of protein. Chicken is a flexible flavor that would mix well with most flavors and broths, so your options with chicken are vast and easy. 

Salmon is a little harder to pair with certain flavors, so don't be afraid to experiment and find a broth that pairs well with it. Flavors like our Kickin' Katsu  Curry might pair well with the fishy flavor of salmon, but try a few! 

For vegetarians and vegans, there are also many options for adding protein. Tofu is a vegetarian powerhouse, it's a great source of protein and is flavorless so you can add it to just about any broth or soup without flavors clashing. 

You can also get tofu to taste however you'd like with spices or by letting it soak in broth for a while. 

Plant-based chicken or beef are also widely available these days and would be easy to prepare and add to your instant noodles. 

Tired of meat and meat substitutes? There is also the option of adding protein-packed ingredients like lentils. Lentils are also full of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Plus, there is a variety of lentils to choose from. 

Whether you choose to reach for real meat, plant-based meat, or lentils, adding protein to your instant noodles is easy. You can enjoy your meal knowing you're getting your fill of health and protein.  

Get Creative and Have Fun

The last tip for making instant noodles healthier is all about thinking outside the box and trying fun, new ideas. You can make your noodles into a more complex and filling meal. 

Instant noodle flavoring often leaves room for you to add many other flavors and ingredients without ruining the delicious base flavor. 

Take an item like our Kickin' Katsu Curry. You can easily dress up an item like this while making it tastier and healthier. Add items like shrimp, a dash of coconut milk, or a bit of chopped cilantro. 

Boiled eggs are also a healthy add-on that can take your meal to the next level. They are a source of lean protein and will fill you up without packing on calories. 

There are so many vegetables, spices, and other add-ins you can try, the possibilities are endless 

Pick Quality Instant Noodle Soups

The final tip for making your instant noodle soup healthier is to search for instant noodles that are already health-conscious. Search for soups with healthier noodles and broths. 

At OhSo Tasty, all of our soups are under 75 calories. All of our soups are also made with "new'dles," which are low-carb but high in fiber.

They are made from the sea vegetable kanten, which feeds the good bacteria in your gut and promotes fullness without sacrificing taste. 

We're passionate about our customers' health and we create our tasty soups with that wellness in mind. 

How to Make Noodle Soup Healthy and More

Now you know how to make noodle soup healthier the next time you're craving a cozy, healthy, and quick meal. Reach for your favorite veggies and protein and think outside the box when it comes to adding ingredients. 

It also helps when you start with instant noodles that were already made with your well-being in mind. Explore OhSo Tasty's instant noodle soup flavors today by finding stores near you that carry our products today!