4 Reasons Why OhSo Tasty Instant Soup Makes a Satisfying Summertime Snack

4 Reasons Why OhSo Tasty Instant Soup Makes a Satisfying Summertime Snack

Summertime is often filled with fun outdoor activities—hikes, beaches, water parks, etc. And because we’re more active, we often tend to want to snack more to give us a little energy boost during the height of the summer heat.

Too often, though, our choices are limited to sugary ice cream, chips, French fries, etc. You know—typical, unhealthy stuff. While some of those are tempting, we know that they’re not so good for us. Consuming salty and sugary foods and drinks in summer can dehydrate us, preventing us from adequately sweating and increasing our risk of heat stroke. And while you might reach for something like fresh fruit, those also tend to have high sugar content.

What’s the solution? Clearly, it’s SOUP!

Soup in the summer, you say? Isn’t soup just for cold weather, you say?

That, we say:  NO! Soup is a fantastic summer snack. Here’s why!

It’ll Cool You Down

You might be surprised to learn that drinking hot beverages in summer will cool you down more than drinking cold ones. Hot drinks raise your internal body temperature, making you sweat more. And sweating is our body’s built-in way to cool off. That’s why drinks like coffee and tea are popular in many hot weather climates.

The good news is that eating hot soup can also fill this role while providing other nutritional benefits (see below). It also won’t dehydrate you like coffee or other sugary drinks will.

It’s Lightweight

Eating heavy, greasy snacks like chips or fries in the summer can make us feel bloated and weighed down — not a particularly pleasant feeling when it’s hot out.

But OhSo Tasty soups are lightweight, allowing you to eat enough of them without giving you that stone-in-the-stomach feeling. Filled with veggies and packed with flavor, each cup of soup gives you a satisfying bite that will help you power through all your summer activities.

It’ll Help You Stay in Shape

Greasy foods can cause severe indigestion, which is more uncomfortable in hot weather. They’re not so great for keeping in shape, either.

That’s another excellent reason to reach for an OhSo Tasty instant soup when it’s hot. All our soups are under 75 calories, a perfect-sized snack for those of you who count calories. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fill you up! Our special kanten new’dles are made from plant-based gelatin that expands in the stomach. That means you feel full without having to pack on the calories.

It’s Portable

Sure, summer is often filled with leisurely afternoons next to the pool or some other form of water. But it’s also often filled with adventure, exploring, and lively activities. And when you’re active, you need something easy to take with you that’s healthy and filling and easy to carry around. Luckily, OhSo Tasty soups are compact and portable, making them easy to take with you wherever you go.

Ready to pack some soup for your next summer day trip? OhSo Tasty’s six tasty flavors have you covered! Get them off our website or our Amazon store.