Quick and Easy Instant Noodle Soup (That's Actually Good for You)

instant noodle soup cup on the beach

We all love instant soup, but we may have a difficult time fitting them into our diets. Currently, around 45 million Americans consider themselves on a diet, and instant noodles don't exactly come to mind for most of their health goals. That is, until now.

Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy instant noodle soup options to choose from. Let's talk about the best ones, their ingredients, and how you can get the most out of them!

Healthy Instant Noodle Soup Ingredients

Most of the instant noodle soups you'll find at the grocery store contain plenty of additives, extra fats, and high sodium content. Fortunately, we're changing the standard by introducing some healthy and delicious alternatives. For our noodles specifically, we only use ingredients such as:

  • Rice
  • Agar
  • Dried greens (spinach, sea vegetables, etc.)
  • Dried carrots
  • Corn
  • Onion powder
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Red peppers

However, this depends on the packet you buy. Some of them come with a hint of sugar for added depth, but you won't notice it with only 4 to 10 grams of net carbs.

On top of that, you can get non-GMO options, options with no MSG, and so much more!

Also, the way we make our Kanten noodles is different from other ramen and other instant Kanten packets. Feel free to read our story to learn more about the process!

First, seaweed is gathered, rinsed, and boiled, then chilled in large brick shapes. From these, the bricks are shaved into slices and dried for at least two weeks. Once at your door, you only need to add water and let the noodles plump up.

Kanten noodles take on the flavor of surrounding ingredients. This is why we offer so many great flavors for you to try!

What Flavors Do They Come In?

Currently, we have six popular flavors of healthy soup. These include:

  • VaVa Veggie
  • Katsu Curry
  • Sizzlin' Sesame
  • Miso Delicious
  • Flamin' Tomato
  • Soy Satisfying

Each of these have slightly different ingredients, but they're made primarily of whole vegetables. Again, all you have to do is add hot water to your soup and it's ready to eat! There are no questionable powders or additives, just quality ingredients.

All of these soups are stand-alone dishes, but you can add other ingredients to them if you want more calories or more specific nutrients.

For example, a poached egg would work beautifully with the VaVa Veggie soup, and you may want some extra tofu in the Miso Delicious! These are great ways to add protein to these dishes, but they aren't always necessary.

You can enjoy these soups as a snack, stand-alone meal, or a side dish for any occasion. If you're in the mood for something savory but don't want all the calories, this is the perfect option. The best part is that all of them can work to fit almost any diet!

Options For Certain Diets

We all have certain dietary restrictions. Fortunately, there's still an instant noodle soup for almost everybody. Here are some of the most popular options!

Keto/Low Carb

All of our new'dles are low-carb, but there are a few options that are perfect for the ketogenic diet!

The only carbohydrate sources are sea vegetables and a hint of sugar for added depth. Still, if you're on a tight ketosis budget, our Katsu curry soup only has 4 grams of net carbs, and it tastes like it was made in a restaurant!

However, our new'dles are quite low-fat, so if you are trying to maintain ketosis, you will need to add some extra fat in with your meal.

This is no problem for most of us, but some oil, nuts, or fatty meats would complete this dish for anyone on the keto diet! For the record, peanuts go very well with curry dishes! 


Vegans and vegetarians make up one of the largest diet groups in the country, accounting for more than 10% of the US.

Fortunately, all of our new'dles are completely vegan and vegetarian-friendly, meaning there is no meat or other animal product used in any of them.

If you're a vegan, we highly recommend the Va Va Veggie or the Soy Satisfying for a delicious flavor packed with all of the nutrition you need in your meal!

Remember, these new'dles are made with sea vegetables, so don't worry about getting enough nutrition from them. The only challenge if you're eating vegan is getting enough calories in, so add whatever you'd like to this meal!

What Else?

All of our new'dles are gluten-free, GMO-free, and have no MSG. That's right, all of them! They're also incredibly filling for having such few calories.

Believe it or not, each instant noodle soup comes with between 35 and 70 calories, which is perfect for anybody interested in losing weight or burning fat. Again, these are made with sea vegetables, so they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but not with unwanted calories.

If any flavors sound appealing to you (or all of them), give them a try and see for yourself!

Buy the Right Noodle Soup Today

Now that you know about our healthy instant noodle soup, try as many as you'd like! You can get them in a variety pack and add anything you'd like to them to fit your diet. They're a versatile way to add some extra nutrition into your diet in a way you're certain to enjoy!

Stay up to date with our latest new'dle news, and don't hesitate to check out our shop for more information on specific products!