8 Benefits of Instant Soup Noodles

Dating back to somewhere near the beginning of the 20th century, instant soup noodles have a murky history involving Chinese cooks in Japan, post-war rationing, and the Yakuza (yes, really).

Now, instant soup noodles have captivated the taste buds and the hearts of millions.

Keep reading to learn why.

Why We Love Instant Soup Noodles

Instant soup noodles are packaged, dried noodles that can be prepared by adding hot water, stirring, and waiting for a few minutes. They're a modern staple in households across the world.

They come in all manner of flavors, including traditional noodle soup varieties and more creative, international blends. We'll explore the reasons for their popularity below, but one standout benefit of instant noodles is the emotional comfort they offer.

Often eaten as comfort food, instant noodles evoke positive emotions and memories for many people. The warm, comforting nature of the soup provides a sense of emotional well-being and satisfaction that's exactly what you need on a rainy day.


Sheer convenience is one of the main reasons that drive the popularity of instant soup noodles. Preparing a bowl of noodle soup from scratch is an affair that takes a matter of minutes.

All you need is some hot water, some (delicious) instant noodle soup, and a few minutes to wait for it to be ready. That convenience can't be beaten, and it's especially appreciated when you're short on time or stricken by hunger pangs and want something to eat fast.

Plus, instant soup noodles come in compact and convenient packaging. Whether you're traveling or headed to work, they weigh next to nothing and fit neatly in a suitcase, backpack, or briefcase without clogging up space.

Low Cost

Instant soup noodles are incredibly affordable. They're often available in bulk, which saves money in the long run. The low cost of a pack makes it a great choice for a delicious, hot snack on the go.

It's one of the main reasons they're so popular with students. That, and the fact that they're too busy attending lectures to learn to cook.

Varieties and Flavors

The market for instant soup noodles is diverse, which has led to an explosion of styles and flavors. From the classic miso soup to more exotic options like spicy tomato and katsu curry, there's an instant noodle soup to suit every palette.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are offered by all kinds of brands, ensuring everybody can enjoy a delicious bowl of instant noodles!

Nutritional Benefits

While many brands of instant soup noodles are notorious for their high quantities of sodium, they don't have to be. Low-carb, low-salt alternatives cater to consumers who are conscious about their health. In addition, many instant noodles are now fortified with vitamins and minerals to round out the nutritional benefits of eating them.

Easy To Hack

A great thing about instant noodles is that they can be easily customized to suit your taste buds. By simply throwing in a handful of vegetables, proteins, and spices, you can transform a bowl of instant noodles into a gourmet meal at a fraction of the cost.

Many people enjoy experimenting with different combinations. Try using unique and delicious flavors to expand your noodly horizons!

Easier To Cook

Instant soup noodles are incredibly easy to cook.

That makes them perfect for people who aren't confident in the kitchen. All you need is a pot of boiling water (and the patience to wait for a few minutes), and you'll have a steaming bowl ready in under ten minutes.

This is particularly helpful for busy individuals who don't have the time (or energy) to prepare an elaborate meal. They're also great as a mid-morning pick-me-up during a coffee break at work or a tasty snack just after you get home.

Long Shelf Life

Instant noodles are dried or dehydrated and packaged to last.

That gives them an exceedingly long shelf life and many brands can last for months or years at a time. This makes them a great addition to any pantry as filler for those days when you forget to head to the supermarket - or simply can't find the time.

They're also a great food option for emergencies and natural disasters.

Great for Stocking Your Pantry

Building off of that last point, instant noodles are a great item to fill your pantry with.

They take up minimal space and can easily be stored anyway. With a few handy packets of instant noodles available, you'll always have a quick and easy snack option on hand, even if you're short on other ingredients.

What Makes Kanten Noodles Different

Also known as Shirataki noodles, Kanten noodles are derived from the root of the konjac plant. The noodles have a unique texture and nutritional content compared with traditional ramen noodles. Lower in calories and carbohydrates, Kanten noodles are an excellent choice for people on a diet or those who are watching their carb intake.

Kanten noodles are translucent in appearance and have a slightly chewy texture, whereas ramen (made from wheat flour) has a softer mouthfeel.

While traditionally used as a low-carb substitute for wheat noodles in stir-fries, soups, and salads, Kanten noodles are becoming more popular as a gluten-free alternative that's better for your health.

Low-carb, Low Sodium Noodles in Every Flavor

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